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Chris McNeeney’s Day Job Killer With Its Techniques

Most important procedures

The two Key tasks related with Day Job Killer are the excellent leveler procedures and direct linking tasks pay per install.

What’s direct linking?

Direct linking really does the job each time that people link the word advertisements of their AdWords to the affiliate site that has been created to their merchandise. This helps users to decrease any extra charges and put out more text campaign in order to boost the sales. This intervention is referred to as ad nuking. Each time that clients use direct linking, they complete more chances for getting much more sales with the use of text advertisements which are much easier.

The leveler technique?

This single task is comparable for trying the effectiveness of copywriting methods. With a use of commercial ads that are of high impact and value, website browsers are capable to now click through the entirety of the page, which, in turn, is able to win over much higher transactions.

For that certain procedure to really show, individuals ought to first plan a subscription with auto responder system which is useful for setting up a hosting package. As soon as this is finished, clients are able to have the capability to capture sales.


Day Job Killer works by stimulating the interest of the individuals, and their minds as well, so that individuals are able to work better. The book that is included with the Day Job Killer program lets clients by showing them a set of helpful techniques. In the Day Job Killer eBook, people are not thinking of copying what’s there, because they get the opportunity to think differently.

Users are given a lot of concepts and ideas that somehow let them to come up with their own techniques, any of the actions they might think are right to their unique success.

Old fashion techniques

Most marketers in the world of internet marketing describe the tactics and strategies that are listed in the Day Job Killer are old school. Although this could be real that linking directly is old school, it doesn’t inevitably or instantly show that it won’t be very successful in the present. also, a lot of affiliate marketers have verbalized that they’ve made a lot more money by direct linking.

A little about the author

McNeeney is also the same guy who created more well known packages, such as Affiliate PX and AdWords Miracle. This particular one actually beat the record on ClickBank, regarding orders when Day Job Killer was initially launched around September up until 2010. Day Job Killer sold a little less than six thousand transactions in about less than a week.

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