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Highlights of playing pussy888 slot love city

The advantages of playing slots love the city to know each other. Which clarifies that strength This will allow you to decide whether to play pussy888 slots games like this. In which we will clarify the strength in the first step Due to the line of this game there are 50 lines for that reason, the way to win and get bonus money is even easier. The main feature in the next floor is Because there are many bonuses that make it possible to play free spins as well. As well as another feature that is You can play slots and earn real money. Or can speculate to make money, which is more than normal games. And all of this is the highlight of playing Love City slots.

Payout rates of pussy888 slots game love town
Now let’s take a look at the Payout Rates section of the Love City slots game, which is to learn about those payment rates. Will let you know How much bonus do you get? And the more you play pussy888 slots and the more bonus you get. Can increase the money used to bet We will clarify the payout rate of each sign as follows:
• Representatives can be monkeys that can be substituted for all symbols. Unless the bonus doesn’t work It will appear on every reel other than reel 1.
Bonus symbols Will be the image of a woman’s face By using as a bonus, it can be up to 2 images, but it will only go up on the 3rd reel. This opportunity will have a chance to win up to 25 free spins, really.
• Rose mark Will be a rose Payout rates 5 reel = 1000, 4 reel = 300 plus 3 reel = 50.
• Diamond ring markers Will form a ring Payout Rates 5 Reel = 800, 4 Reel = 300, and 3 Reel = 50.
• Chocolate mark It will be the shape of a chocolate cube. Payout rate 5 reels = 600, 4 reels = 150, plus 3 reels = 30.
Shoe mark It looks like a yellow high-heeled shoe. The payout is 5 reels = 300, 4 reels = 50 and 3 reels = 15.
Lip marks Will be a purple lip Payout rates 5 reel = 200, 4 reel = 50 and 3 reel = 15.
Symbols A and K Payouts 5 Reel = 100, 4 Reel = 30 and 3 Reel = 10.
Symbols Q and J payout rates 5 reel = 100, 4 reel = 20 and 3 reel = 5.

It can be seen that From the marks that we have clarified above Can be able to help you know When spinning the slots in various rounds It will result in you to get to know that the timing to play pussy888 slots and get big money. Was able to add money to increase the way for getting more bonuses. Therefore made him know that Learning the payout rates of the Love City slot game can help you calculate that. The way to get a lot of bonuses. What images should be rotated to find? Therefore, fighting these things that we suggest How much is the benefit to the players?

Try playing pussy888 slots love the city, which, as we explained above, Allows you to get to know that playing slots can generate income for you on a regular basis, just that you have a system. And if you don’t have a website for playing slots games yet We advise you to play with the pussy888 camp, looking because many people choose to use the service. Making it visible to the trust that

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