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Stability Analysis of a Three-Ball Automatic Balancer

Ball-type automatic balancers can effectively reduce the vibrations of optical disc drives thanks to the inherent imbalance of the disk. Although the ball-type automatic balancer utilized in practice consists of several balls moving along a circular orbit, few studies have investigated the dynamic characteristics of ball-type balancers with quite two balls. The aim of this paper is to review the dynamic characteristics of a three-ball automatic balancer. Emphasis is placed on the consequences of the amount of balls on the steadiness of the right balancing positions—the equilibrium positions where the disk is perfectly balanced. A theoretical model of an optical disc drive full of a three-ball automatic balancer is made first. The governing equations of the theoretical model are derived using Lagrange’s equations. Closed-form formulas for the equilibrium positions are presented. the steadiness of the right balancing positions is checked with the variations for a pair of design parameters. Stable regions of the right balancing positions within the parameter plane of a three-ball balancer are identified and compared with those of a two-ball balancer.

Issue Section:Research Papers
Keywords:disc drives, mechanical stability, optical disk storage, vibrations
Topics:Disks, Equilibrium (Physics), Stability, Vibration
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